Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sad and happy thing around

Dear bloggers

For the past 2 weeks many things happened which effect our heart. firstly, the demised of my very good partner's (Rezal) beloved father -Hj Zakaria which, has been invited by Allah to see Him in heaven (may Allah place his soul together with faithfull person). Latter of the week, Matun has been admitted to PPUM for high blood pressure for pregnancy complication. Then, I have no time to pay a visit her at hospital, since my wife having Department course for 3 consicutive weeks.

Anyway, we also received a happy news. Omel's wife just gave birth to a baby girl (ha...... 3 anak perempuan dah.... keempunan nak dapat anak lelaki la tu......). Suraya - Mak Andak daughter just concived - 10 weeks already after getting married nearly 2 years. Good Luck. Take care the baby and makan folic acid and nurogain regularly.

Mak Enon's daughter - Norlin, also just gave birth to a baby girl and soon Suhaila will follow of the same.

On behalf of the family I would like to pay tribute and and al - fateha to Rezal's Father - Hj Zakaria soul and I will not forgotten for the good thing he done to my firm and for his praying and sembahyang hajat for my firm to be uplifted fron internal suspension by the one bank. With Allah blessing - the said suspension was been uplifted recently. Further, the doa he taught us to recite for do thing right of which i always preaching it.......