Monday, March 30, 2009

Ryan Registerd for primary school at St John Kuala Lumpur

Dear Family Blogers

We have registered Ryan for primary 1 at St John School, Kuala Lumpur [Primary] for 2011. First instance we planed to enrol him at same school as Zoey at Sayfol International School Kuala Lumpur but later decided to let his study at St John, Kuala Lumpur. This school is one of the elite Government school in Kuala Lumpur. Since Ryan has a problem to communicate in Malay, I belive student at this school majority of them are come from moreless same background. At least, later he upgraded to secondary scholl he still go to St John, KL [secondary].

Ryan's Pead - Meninggal Dunia

Assalamualikum semua

Kami sekeluarga mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga Dr Haliza atas kematian beliau pada Ahad lepas. Dr Haliza adalah Dr kanak-kanak yang hebat, orangnya very motherly, cantik dan bila bercakap her English accent is very prominent.

Semasa Ryan warded di Ampang Puteri last 2 years ago because of a limpnode swollen- she was the one treated Ryan. We supposed to meet her on our last visit to Ampang Puteri last Tuesday, since her clinic only accept visitors from 11 am onward therfore we just visitied MO.

In my mind still fresh remembered the way she examine her patient very attentive and explanation was clear and dignoses quite fast... Al- Fatiha kepada rohnya semoga ditempatkan oleh Allah dengan orang-orang yang mulia.


Al Fatiha to Dr Haliza Mohd Shafie - Ryan's Pead at Ampang Puteri Hospital

KUALA LUMPUR 29 Mac — Polis mengklasifikasikan punca kematian dua doktor pakar kanak-kanak Hospital Ampang Putri yang mayat mereka ditemui di Bukit Tabuh, dekat Ampang semalam sebagai mati mengejut.
Timbalan Ketua Polis Daerah Ampang Jaya Supt Amiruddin Jamiluddin berkata hasil laporan bedah siasat oleh Hospital Kuala Lumpur semalam mendapati Allahyarham Dr Haliza Mohd Shafie dan Allahyarham Dr Amin Tai Abdullah mengalami kecederaan berganda akibat terjatuh daripada ketinggian kira-kira 180 hingga 200 meter.
Beliau berkata kedua-dua mangsa mengalami kecederaan teruk di bahagian kepala dan leher serta terdapat kesan luka di beberapa bahagian anggota badan yang lain.
“Kedua-dua mereka dipercayai tergelincir sebelum terjatuh dan mati di tempat kejadian,” katanya ketika dihubungi.
Semalam, mayat kedua-dua mangsa ditemui oleh pasukan penyelamat di Bukit Tabuh, Taman Melawati dekat Ampang di sini selepas dilaporkan hilang sejak Rabu lalu. Mayat kedua-dua mangsa ditemui pada pukul 2.15 petang semalam, kira-kira enam meter antara satu sama lain.
Allahyarham Dr Haliza dan Dr Amin yang gemar mendaki bukit dipercayai pergi ke bukit tersebut untuk melakukan latihan pendakian sebelum melakukan aktiviti sebenar yang dijadualkan tiga minggu lagi. — Bernama
Two missing doctors found dead in ravine

The bodies of Dr Haliza Mohd Shafiee and Dr Amin Tai Abdullah @ Tai Yen Ming being taken to a helicopter at Bukit Tabuh near Taman Melawati, Ampang, yesterday.KUALA LUMPUR: The bodies of two doctors missing since Wednesday were found yesterday in a ravine near the Klang Gates in Ulu Ampang.
Dr Haliza Mohd Shafiee, 53, and Dr Amin Tai Abdullah @ Tai Yen Ming, 57, were believed to have slipped and fallen into the ravine while jungle trekking at a popular spot in Bukit Tabuh near Taman Melawati, Ampang.Their bodies were spotted by the pilots of a police helicopter at 2.15pm in a search operation launched in the area after a car belonging to one of the doctors was found near Bukit Melawati.The pilots radioed the general location of the bodies. Police, using tracker dogs, found them later.
Dr Haliza's body was brought out of the ravine first at 3.30pm while Dr Amin's body was retrieved 15 minutes later.Both bodies were badly decomposed and were sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for a post-mortem.Dr Haliza, a paediatrician, and Dr Amin, a paediatric surgeon, both employed at the Ampang Puteri Medical Centre, had been reported missing by their families on Wednesday. Closed-circuit television camera recordings showed that they left the medical centre at 11.30am on Wednesday in Dr Haliza's Nissan Latio.Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said the Latio was found at 6am yesterday. It is believed police had tracked the vehicle through its global positioning system device.Khalid said a guard at the Klang Gates dam had reported seeing the duo trekking in the area, something they apparently did quite often."They were reportedly close and both liked to go jungle trekking." The families of both doctors declined to speak to reporters. Ampang police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Jalil Hassan said the deaths of the two doctors had been classified as sudden death and police did not suspect foul play.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ryan 5th Year Birthday

The cup cake is so yummy and look good

The food so delicious and verities

Tengok candle and making a wish..harap-harap tahun ke 5 kehidupan lebih sihat dan lebih pandai.

Ryan is very happy since we clebrated his birthaday twice. We had the first one at Mak Ngah house on 13th of March, 2009 and 29th of March, 2009.


Dear Family Blogers

Today 29th March, 2009 Atuk Mama organized a birthday party for Ryan and Dafi. Ryan birthday actually on 13th of March, 2009 then Atuk Mama decided to joint with Dafi Birthday actually fall on 25th of March, 2009. The birthday started with bacaan doa selamat by "khariah Surau Taman Mulia Jaya, Ampang" [Atuk Abah friends] and later with friends of Atuk Mama.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Earth Hour!!!!!!!
I'm very happy my two sons did understand what is Earth Hour. Zoey specially very much appreciated and keep reminding us to stay put at home during earth hour and reminding us not to on light during the earth hour. Further more, he kept calling Kak Anis and Kak Eidah whether they do observe earth hour.
The neighbours in Bukit Jelutong also no single house look bright last night.....Bravo.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Me on Robe

Do I Look good in lawyer's robe?

High Court Muar

These photos were taken from room at
Traders Hotel, isn't it.

Dear Family Blogers

I have a court matter at Muar High Court. This case is one of the earliest case which until today still pending for hearing. This case was registered in year 2001. This time it quite difficult to assemble a witneses to give testimony in court.

This time insted I stay at Pelangi Hotel as usual but I stayed at Traders Hotel, Muar. The Hotel is quite cool, you could see Muar River and the whole Muar Town from the room. Further more, the room facing to Muar River covering with glasses and you could let the curtain open.

The case was unable to take off as schedule since the court could not hear my case for hearing since there are 2 previous case from day after yesterday still not completed then my case was adjourned to 3rd July, 2009.

I had dinner with my colleague Mr Handsome Rizal at Bentayan Bas Station and we had mee bandung and satay. cool beb.......The following morning we had nasi lemak for breakfast at restaurant opposite to HSBC Bank and Asam Pedas Ikan Pari for lunch at Tanjung Mas, Muar.

Later we went to Mak Long House for short visit, on the way to Mak Long House we stopped at our favorites spice shop to buy mee bandung, soup soto and soup spices for our own stock. Mak Long gave us "Telur Pindang" since we are unble to come to her house for Maulidur Rasul this 28/3/2009. We also collected "Ulam Tengek Burung" for Atuk Mama. [Atuk mama favourite Ulam].

I planned to buy a green mussle [kupang] but there is no supply for today as replacement we bought kepah and kerang [besar-besar beb..] is quite cheap..3kg for RM10.00. The favourite place to buy this stuff is along Parit Bunga in the way to Tangkak Toll.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

High Court Matter in Muar on 26 & 27 Mac, 2009

Dear Family Blogers

Please be informed that I will not in town for 2 days from 25 till 27 Mac, 2009 [afternoon] to attend High Court case at Muar High Court. Anyone to ask me to buy anything please sms me specially after court hour. Thank you. My family is not joining me since Zoey and Ryan got class and Zoey final exam for 2nd term will commence this 30/3 - 3/4/2009. After 4/4/2009 Zoey will on school holiday for 3 weeks.

Mak Long - Jemputan Maulidur Rasul on 28/3/2009

Kepada semua berkenaan

Mak Long [Muar] mejemput semua kaum keluarga hadir ke Majlis Sambutan Maulidur Rasul di rumahnya pada 28/3/2009, Sabtu selepas Maghrib.

Ryan Blood Test at Ampang Puteri Hospital 24/3/2009

Dear Blogers

Today, Thuesday, I took my lovely Ryan to Ampang Puteri Hospital for a blood test. Ryan got fever since last Thursday till Friday but on the Saturday, day time he seem okay but at night his fever coming back but look okay again on the following Sunday, during day time. Again he got fever on Monday night and look very healthy on Monday during day time made us to cancel our planning for blood test. Seem like "demam malam"

On Monday night again, his fever came back and Atuk Mama "berleter" and kept remanding us to take Ryan for Blood Test [Ryan is her lovely cucu]. On Tuesday very early in the morning we arrived at Ampang Puteri Hospital and he seem friendly with Medical Officer and he very cooperative. But came the time the nurse wanted to take blood from his vein he quite scared and he called the nurse Vampire sucking his blood.

Even to the Dr he not allow the Dr to take out the plaster plastering his hand and keep telling the Dr he not happy with the nurse and called the nurse Vimpire in day time. Confirmed he got viral fever since his Limposycite more than average and Dr has prescribed Zennath [antibiotic] to him. Tonight he look okay.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lunch at Amcorp Mall

Dear Blogers

After back from train ride, we had lunch at Amcorp Mall. No shoping just bought latest DVD for family watching then back to home again.

Train Ride

Dear Family Blogers

My sons really have fun when i took them for train ride. The last time we had train ride was about 1 years ago. We boarded train at Taman Jaya and stopped at Gombak and back to Taman Jaya again. My son really enjoyed and non stop talking until all passengers close to them keep an eyes to them since both of them talk fluent English like Mat Salleh.