Monday, October 11, 2010

Zoey - Piano Practical Grade 3 Exam Resulttt

Dear Blogger

We just received sms from Zoey's former piano teacher Ms Jane that Zoey, piano practical exam grade 3 just issued by ABRSM Board Examiner. His latest result is fell short of 3 mark to get Merit.  He just got passed only.

Currently we have shifted Zoey to Yamaha, Ampang Point Branch and under tutelage of Ms Alecia. Hope he could perform better under new teacher.

New House Before Renovation

Ryan continue swimming lesson

After 9 months, we decided to enroll Ryan back to swimming lesson.  Since we are in midst to move to Ampang, then the new swimming class is at Taman Connought, Cheras, KL- Angkasa Condominium. New swimming instructor is Mr Mark.

Previous swimming class was at Shah Alam Akuatik Centre, under Supersharkz Swimming School- unfortunately after 3 months we have to stop since he seem not enjoying and crying in each lesson. Before the trauma getting uncontrollably then we decided to stop and continue when he is ready.

First lesson, under new instructor still no changes.   He scared to jump into pool without kicking board even the instructor cannot come close to him and crying...crying only toward end of the class he was little bit cooperated.

The new place is quite horror since quite numbers of black around......

Hope, Ryan will cooperate and try his best to learn to swim like his brother, Zoey can swim at age of 6 years old.

Friday, October 8, 2010

New House

Dear Blogger

Our new House at Taman Dagang Permai under renovation, we suppose to move to that house in middle of November. Many issues is really disturb my mind, the first one is monies - the cost already escalated more then 100K - budget for that only RM120K.

Further more, to liaise with the contractor and architect man - and to get that them to work on schedule - very slow progress;

Finally to look for concept, colour, curtain ect.....

Zoey - visit to Ophthalmogogist

Dear Blogers,

Upon checking Zoey's exercise book, we were discovered that he always uncompleted his classwork and reason given that the teacher already erased the white board and unable to copy. Since happen many time..then we discovered that teacher has placed him at the back since sitting in class was in rotation basis.

Later, we took his to Optometrist and confirmed that his aesthetics has increased tremendously - shall get prescription from Ophthalmologist - then with Dr Anis help, we managed to get an appointment with Hospital Selayang Ophthal.. after first screening - confirmed eyes problem, then second screening with the Optometrist - he has no long sighted problem and his aesthetics on left eye was 300 and right eye was 325.

The terrible part is to wait for Ophthal..forgotten the Dr name..may be Dr Norfariza...long waiting..then we met one family..she said Zoey's face like Dr Azizan. Then Ophthal has to drop special medicine into his eyes..then drama happen..not even single drop land into his eyes, but he complaining his eyes already pain...people on the street really laughed ..finally Dr Anis managed to settle it..and took him to ENT department adjacent to EYE - since at that place no noise was allowed....finally we managed settled all procedure  after 2.30 pm...Thanks Dr Anis.

On the way home, we stopped at Ampang Point - Focus World - Do you know that the cost of Zoey new glasses based on new prescription - RM2000.00 dam!!! What to do..eye cannot be replaced {unless any donor}