Friday, November 12, 2010

Hai..anak-anak ku

13/11/2010 - giliran zoey pulak yg sakit..semenjak rabu lepas dia kena sakit masuk hari yg ke 4. Rabu lepas dah pergi klinik Idzham di Taman Kosas, nampak tiada perubahaan.  Hari ni, pergi jumpa Dr semula kat Klinik Medic di TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam.

Sakit mata , Dr tukar ubat yg lain dan harap akan sembuh pada Isnin ni....dan demam selepas Ryan kena kat giliran Zoey pulak.....

Take care anak-anak ku..risau dan kesihan..peperiksaan  penggal 1, akan bermula isnin ni..15/11/2010....Zoey can do it...

Ryan Graduation

Dear Bloger

11th November, 2010 was my lovely Ryan graduation day. He graduated from CEC Ampang, Ampang Utama KL The event was held at Sri Suria, Cheras.  We were quite touched and could not believed that my son was growing up and now is 6 years old. Its still freshed in my mind that the day we took him to school and Atuk Mama always said that Ryan was too small to go to school even Atuk Mama did not allow Ryan taking school bus to kinder.

His kinder teacher when he was 4 years old was Ms Poova [Daisy class], very motherly type of teacher and love to hug and kiss her student.  Every morning Daddy have to take Ryan to school and took him to toilet before he goes to class.

Later, in kinder 2, his teacher was Ms Keran [Defodil] , very vocal but lovely lady. We have good time with her and Ryan result was fantastic.  Through out kinder 2 he always get perfect score in all subjects save for one or two times he got 97%.

In kinder 3 his earlier teacher was Ms Vanee but about one month we changed him to Buttercup class, and the teacher was Ms Chimee, elderly, stylos but energetic.  We having a problem at initial stage but later thing run smoothly.

His ustazah was Teacher June, and the administrator was Mdm Wong and the principle was Mdm Aw.

The constraint of Ryan at this material of time is Bahasa Malaysia and he having difficulty to speak and the irony is the ustazah has to explain and tech agama in English. Ryan Mandrin was quite sound.

Now he was graduated successfully and next year he will study at one private school,  Stella Marris Ampang good luck Ryan. Placement test at Stella Marris he got no.3 out of 74 students and perfect 100% in Bahasa and English but Maths he got only 97%.