Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gambar2 semasa berbuka puasa

Kisah Menarik Semasa Berbuka

Kasih paling menarik ....Anis semasa membasuh pinggan mangkuk setelah berbuka telah mencantumkan semua air left over dari setiap glass ke dalam satu jug ...dapatlah lebih kurang 3/4 jug. Nak tahu dalam jug tu ada air laici dengan 2 biji buah..air oat atuk abah dan ape..ape je....

Yan tak tahu air tu adalah left over...Aya masa basuh tu cari gak mana pegi jug tu..tapi buat tak tahu je... Yan telah campurkan air dalam jug tu ke dalam jug kristal yang besar dan another pusingan air tu diminum sekali lagi...wek.....wek.....

Mereka hanya sedar semasa makan 2nd round ..Aya tanya mana pegi jug air left over tu..Yan beritahu dah dicampurkan dengan air yang mana mereka semua sedang minum....ha..ha..nasib baik tak de yang sakit perut hari tu.....ketawa terbahak.....mereka semua...

Berbuka Puasa Ramadan 2008

Dear family blogers

Terima kasih kerana hadir berbuka puasa ke Astana Rabung pada 27/9/2008 iaitu puasa yang hari yang 27 pada tahun ini. Juadah yang dimasak Lontong [rendang, nasi impit & sambal ikan bilis], lemang dan rendang, Nasi Bukhara [beli], speghetti bloginese, kuah muih dan Mak Ngah bawa bubur jagung..sedapnya.

Congratulation Zoey for passing level 2 swimming exam

That a miracle happen that zoey passed his level 2 swimming exam. This level his learning freestyle and backstroke kick and he has to swim freestyle and backstroke kick. I have confident at his freestyle but not his backstroke kick...Suprised....he passed and cleared his freestyle without any problem. For backstroke kick, the examiner gave his second chance and based on the way his uplift his stomach while doing back stroke float and he did back floating for more then 10 seconds was sufficient for the examiner to pass him.
Mark Chua said the back stroke swim he will be learning against in level 3; as long as he can do back float and uplift his stomach during back floating is sufficient for him to pass Zoey.
His instructor also very surprised that Zoey passed his level 2.
Thank you Shahrul ..the instructor...Zoey like him very much...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boboy's son came to Zoey's House

This is Baby Farish Daniel that i have written a lot about him during initial stage under title Matun. He is very healthy boy, like normal born child

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Dear Family Blogers

Hari ini adalah hari ke- 7 kita berpuasa. Satu minggu menjalani ibadah berpuasa tak terasa masa berlalu amat pantas. Another 3 weeks for us to celebrate Hari Raya. Wow!!!!!! We not done any shopping yet......This year we are having a little bit financial constraint and so we are going to examine every penny that we are going to spend and buy things according to priority and need.

My first son, Zoey just started his primary 2 and his school fee just increased about 15% and this year he has decided to forgo his choir class and sign up for violin for his music co-curriculum. Well, we have to set aside our money to but violin.. Well !!!! well....

Zoey, swimming lesson is progressing very-very well. After passed his level 1 and upgraded to Level 2, his level of confidence in swimming is increasing dramatically. Hope he could pass all level with out any hi-cup.. Next year we have decided to enroll our second son, Ryan for swimming under same school like Zoey.....

Zoey, his piano lesson also progressing well he currently on the way to grade 3 for his piano, whereas Ryan is in JMC -Yamaha and he going to complete JMC 1 end of this months and currently his teacher is preparing his JMC student for mini-concert on this 29/9/2008. We have decided for Ryan to cotinue under Yamaha syllabus (Japan syllabus) whereas Zoey is under ABRSM - more toward classical (under UK syllabus). Hope both could compliment each other at the later stage.

Well... selamat berpuasa... berjimat berbelanja..




Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not a good start this fasting month

Dear Family Bloger

I love Ramadhan. I belive that I have completed one month fasting Ramadhan since I was a child. But this is diffrent. On the First day of Ramadhan, Monday at about 6.00 pm after having a good shower to prepare for the breaking fast; I had very severe stomach ache on my right stomach and it slowly go to my right testis and toward my right back.. The pain is unberable then My wife rushed me to Ampang Puteri Hospital. I knew this is a indicates that i have a renal colic..

At 7.00 pm on monday... i'm sweeting in the cold room... Allah...sakitnya...tak tertahan. Paramedic gave me one injection of pain killer...and my urine also contained blood...confirmed that was a renal colic....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Daddy Got Renal Colic

Daddy had renal colic on 1/9/2008 6:00 pm. He still got renal colic. I'm sad because Daddy has renal colic.