Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Marah pada anak-anak

Dear family blogers

On 26/9/2011 about 7.10 pm my two sons had a big fight in the bath tub. Zoey sprayed a hot water into Ryan eyes and they have very cruel fight in the bath tub.  Daddy heard a sound of noise that they were fighting from down stairs and Daddy shouted many times to them to stop but they just ignored my warning.

Daddy have to slap Zoey with bath a towel 2 times on his back and used my hand one time.  Daddy had  tried to control daddy's anger but daddy believe that Zoey retaliation to Ryan was to much and daddy already warned and cautioned you, Zoey and told you not to play with hot water even daddy gave him a demonstration how to handle the water heater correctly.

Zoey cried loudly and later asked for forgiven and me as a father, would like to write in this blog as a record to my sons specially Zoey that Daddy did it just to make them aware and don not repeat. Daddy would like to say sorry if daddy action taken on both of you to overzealous and to hard to both of you.

Zoey - Daddy could not slept well the whole night and kept hugged and kissed you and even though you are such a good boy but you have bare in your mind that anything you do - there is a limit and please don't cross the limit.

Finally to my eldest son, Zoey, Daddy would like to express my deep love and care and to my younger son, Ryan, Daddy love you so much,

Be a good boy my sons.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zoey completed 1 month fasting for 2011

Congratulation my son, finally you managed to complete one month of fasting for this year ramadhan. Actually it is quite though to fast at your age. I believe when I was at you age still learning to fast.

Well, you also managed to perform tarawikh prayer and all compulsory prayer. Bravo my son. Daddy love you o much.