Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I miss you Bolster

2 more days, zoey to complete his summer camp. Today he is having pameran dan. ..tomorrow is talentime.....wish you the best my son

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rindu Zoey

Genap seminggu Zoey di UKM...saban hari menunggu call dia...klau dia dah bangun pukul 5 pagi..mata ni tak dapat tidur..kerana zoey dah bangun..tak akan ayahnya masih di atas katil...i love you zoey

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4th day in Permata Pintar

Last night zoey called about 9.40pm..he spoke quite long with mummy..after tonnes of instruction. .he sound cool..but still want to strong zoey.

Mummy called to awake him about 5.10am..he already woke up...latter he asked me to call him...he sound better...

I miss Zoey

4/12/12 this is 3rd day in Permata Pintar. About 4.23pm i recived call from zoey..daddy...i miss you..i want to go home..started crying.'s it easy...are u at better put down your is not allow at school...or else RA will consfiscate...ok you..

6.35pm hw called's wether heavy la..zoey..daddy here rainning a little bit only...u don't go to sport..ok..daddy..i have to shower...his sound ok..oh..please Allah..he has to be strong...

Zoey is homesick at Permata Pintar

3/12/12 is second day Zoey in Permata Pintar. He called very early at 5.30am and informed us he woke up by himself. Zoey complained that the tap water is very cold and he used wet towel to clean his body. He is ready to go to school. Oh Allah i missed him so much....i could not sleep and continued praying the best for him. He asked me to come at 5.30pm today.  He wanted extra towels and socks.

We reached UKM quite early and bought him burger and drink. The rain showered havily and we keep waiting he come back from school. Pitty to the students have to run in the rain since the bus dropped them quite distance from the zaaba kolej. We thought zoey also got trapped under the tent. After waited few minutes zoey called us about 5.45pm and we asked him to go back stage and we will hand over the stuff we brought.  He came down look calm with white t shirt and white track bottom.  ohhh my son...miss you zoey..i pretending cool and compose..after few trip keeping his stuff to room and come to the momment that we have to go...atuk mama. ..ala kesian cucu sayang atuk mama...he burst and we asked him to go up fast worry RA could see us. About to out from UKM. .received a phone call from him...he cried over the phone and wanted to go home. ..i want to go..i miss you...cannot zoey..if you abandon. will black list for future programme..and we have to much you have to pay??? Be cool are a strong boy..that is a place that you can learn...a spoke to us and advised us not to pick phone whent he call...he look all right only after phone call..he keep strong are in my heart...

Night he call again and asked us to come on the following day..we just gave empty promise..yes..

I prayed a saolat hajat for be strong mentally and emotionly.

I love you zoey...aku perlu tahankan hati dan tabah..

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Zoey - 1st day at Permata Pintar

Dear family blogers

2/12/2012 - Zoey already registered to Permata Pintar (Gifted Centre) UKM. He is doing Maths reasoning. Luckily Mummy managed to come back from oversea study tour to Paris and Geneva this morning.  We collected her at TBS ERL Train station. Zoey looks so happy and looking forward for a new chapter and new beginning to explore himself amongst the same group of gifted children.

About time, the bus is leaving Panggung Seni, registration centre to Kolej Zaaba, he still look happy until he the time... he huged and kissed Atuk Abah...he tears burst..same goes to others save of me.  We have decided to follow him till college and when we reached to the hostel...many parents were there....actually parents do not allow to visit their children  until 15/12/2012.

We decided for Zoey to take along his hand phone.. even though phone is not allow during the course but many parents had done it quietly... after hugs and kisses..we left Zoey with heavy heart..good luck my son...this is your though and strong....We believe he will become a better person after this camp.

Right after we have a lunch at asam pedas restaurant..we received an email from one of parents we met during registration Kak Dah..she saw Zoey crying -  he does not have a room mate..he feeling scare and lonely... we rushed to one 7Eleven to buy top-up pre paid and luckily aunty angah was around..she assisted us to recharge the phone...on the same time we called to Permata Pintar to get them to assign a room mate to Zoey..atuk mama looked so worry....We decided to turn back to hostel....and bought along a mineral water and candy.....

Once reached..we managed to get one RA  (this is a man who has been assigned to look after welfare of the children while they are at this centre) to send the stuff we brought to Zoey..Zoey look happy since the problem settled...about to go out from UKM we received another phone call from him ..this time he asked us to turn back...once we reached the hostel parents from Tangkak, En Asri was there...he claimed no lunch was served today and his son complained hungry...

and... drama begins...he cried to go home ..after 10 minutes.. we managed to comfort and gave  some motivational advise.. he begun to calm down..and joined other student to a briefing the way home he called at the taklimat centre..we asked him to stop ..and remind him that..might centre will confiscate the phone and ask him to call us after 9.30pm quietly...

at home...Ryan look happy and jovial...but when Maghrib prayer came..he cried and thinking about his abang..both of them are very close and we use to pray in congregation...we really touched...when the time approaching 9.30 pm..all of us kept waiting zoey's call...until 11pm finally...zoey called us..his conversation..."Daddy can you come  tomorrow at 5.30pm...I don't have pillow to sleep.."..can you use your towel and fold nicely to use as pillow..I will...daddy i have to wake up at 5.00 to fix the alarm clock..You look the left button and try to adjust up and down...make sure the hand point at 5.00....are sure.. you have to wake up at 5am..yes..too many pupils and we have to share toilets equally.... do not forget to charge your phone before sleep..I will come tomorrow with hangers, extra cloths and pants...Please come at 5.30pm on the Dot..Daddy..Good night son..good night daddy..later adik wanted to talks..Ryan looks so happy since managed to talk to his brother... abang did you take's food...okay..what did you you have room you miss you abang..I look at Ryan he eyes full of tears.....good night abang....good night adik....

about 5.30am this morning..we received a phone call from Zoey....Daddy..I woke up already..are you showered?..yes..daddy the water is so cold...I used wet towel to clean my self..can you bring extra towel?..yes of course...I have to go Daddy..bye

after a few minutes..azan Subuh from one surau close to my house recited the azan...alhamdullilah..but daddy cannot sleep..keep writing this blog to record daddy's feeling..i miss you zoey..this a place.. may can assist you to explore your brain further..i miss you bolster...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Zoey - accepted to Permata Pintar

18/11/2012 - Saturday

It is heavy raining at Ampang..since we unable to go out..I.take this opportunity to write about my family.  Zoey was accepted to Permata Pintar (Gifted Centre) UKM this coming December.  The summer camp will take place from 2/12/2012 till 21/12/2012 and he will doing Maths Reasoning. Thanks Allah and we proud of you Zoey...

Last school final exam - Zoey was awarded the best in English and Maths..he missed an award for 5A ..short of 2 mark for him to obtain A for science subject.  What made me so happy that he improved in Malay language subject..both penulisan and pemahaman he got A.

Ryan did not collect any award this is a lesson for him to try harder...But still he obtained good A for maths and science subjects..B for Penulisan, Pemahaman and English.  Other non core subject he obtained A. He maintained A for Arts...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Zoey & Ryan - story of 2012 fasting

Today is 28/7/2012 - 8th day of fasting for this year Ramadhan.  Alhamdullilah, for the 1st and 2nd day of this year ramadhan both of my sons managed to complete their fast.  Zoey looks cool since last year he had fast for whole month while Ryan this year he is started to learn to fast.

On 3rd day of fasting i.e on Monday 23/7/2012 - Ryan cried when my maother in law picked him up from school - he was very thirsty. Luckly my mum took soft drink along with her.  Zoey continued fasting until Iftar. Started that day..Ryan failed to continue fasting and hope next year he can stand hunger and thirsty.

Zoey on 5th day of Ramadhan - 25/7/2012 has broke his fast on reason that he was very thirsty since he was  involved in scout activities. But on the following day - he broke his fast again and only we discovered on the following day - at the time we about to put pocket money in his wallet.  We had discovered he spend all pocket money on the day before and when asked, he has no option to reveled that he spend for buying food at canteen.  Then..the lie and pretending on the previous day reveled.

To my your age - fasting is only learning precess and no compulsion imposed by Allah SWT and from parents. What we are not happy is you have tell lies and pretending without reveling the truth......   

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fadhilat Hari Jumaat

JUMAAT adalah hari paling mulia serta mempunyai beberapa fadilatnya untuk direnungi.Kitab As Sabi’ iyahti Fi Mawa’izhil Bariyyat banyak memaparkan peristiwa agung yang berlaku pada Jumaat.
Antara peristiwa itu ialah perkahwinan Nabi Adam dan Hawa; Nabi Yusuf dengan Zulaiha: Nabi Musa dengan Shafura binti Syuaib; Rasulullah saw dengan Khadijah; Rasulullah dengan Siti Aisyah binti Abu Bakar serta Ali bin Abi Thalib dengan Fatimah Zahara binti Muhammad.
Daripada Abu Hurairah katanya, Rasulullah bersabda, maksudnya: “Sebaik-baik hari yang terbit matahari ialah Jumaat, pada hari itulah, Adam diciptakan dan pada hari itulah juga dia dikeluarkan dari syurga.
“Pada Jumaat juga kiamat akan berlaku. Pada hari itu tidaklah seorang yang beriman meminta sesuatu daripada Allah melainkan akan dikabulkan permintaannya.” (Hadis riwayat Muslim).
Dalam hadis lain, Rasulullah bersabda yang bermaksud : “Hari yang dijanjikan ialah hari kiamat, hari yang disaksikan ialah hari Arafah dan hari yang menyaksikan ialah hari Jumaat. Matahari tidak terbit dan tidak terbenam pada mana-mana hari yang lebih mulia dan afdal daripada hari Jumaat.
“Pada hari itu terdapat suatu masa di mana seorang hamba mukmin apabila meminta (berdoa) kepada Allah sesuatu kebaikan melainkan Allah memakbulkan doanya atau ia meminta Allah melindunginya daripada sesuatu kejahatan melainkan Allah melindunginya daripada kejahatan.” (Hadis riwayat Tirmizi).
Solat Jumaat dua rakaat yang difardukan ke atas umat Islam membuktikan hari itu adalah semulia hari yang perlu ambil manfaat untuk mendapatkan ganjaran Allah daripada setiap amal ibadat yang dilaksanakan.
Rasulullah bersabda: “Sesiapa hadir solat Jumaat pada saat pertama, dia umpama berkorban seekor unta.
“Sesiapa hadir solat Jumaat pada saat kedua, dia seperti berkorban seekor lembu.
“Barang siapa yang menghadiri solat Jumaat pada saat yang ketiga, dia seperti berkorban seekor kibas.
“Sesiapa hadir solat Jumaat pada saat keempat, dia seperti memberi hadiah seekor ibu ayam dan sesiapa hadir solat pada saat kelima, dia seolah-olah memberi hadiah sebiji telur.”
Apabila imam naik ke mimbar, malaikat menutup buku catatannya dan ikut mendengar khutbah. Justeru, sesiapa yang datang untuk solat selepas itu seolah-olah dia hanya datang untuk solat semata-mata, tidak direkodkan dalam buku kehadiran malaikat.
Umat Islam juga dituntut membuat persediaan sebelum menghadiri solat Jumaat untuk mendapat fadilatnya, termasuk dalam berwuduk, mandi sunat dan tertib ketika menghadiri solat Jumaat.
Imam Muslim meriwayatkan sebuah hadis Rasulullah yang bermaksud: “Sesiapa berwuduk lalu memperelokkan wuduknya, kemudian mendatangi solat Jumaat, terus mendengar dan berdiam diri, tidak berbicara sama sekali, maka diberi tambahan tiga hari lagi.
“Sesiapa yang memegang kerikil untuk dimainkan sehingga tidak memperhatikan isi khutbah, sesungguhnya dia telah melakukan kelalaian, yakni bersalah.”
Hadis di atas membuktikan bahawa Islam memberi penekanan terhadap perlunya makmum menumpukan kepada khutbah yang disampaikan. Isi kandungannya khutbah perlu diteliti bukan hanya sebagai sumber ilmu, malah mencakupi teguran, pembinaan hidup dan nasihat yang berguna.
Daripada Ibnu Umar bahawa Rasulullah bersabda: “Jika seseorang antara kalian mendatangi solat Jumaat, maka hendaklah mandi dulu.” (Muttafaq ‘alaih)
Daripada Samurah, diriwayatkan bahawa Rasulullah pernah bersabda: “Sesiapa yang berwuduk pada Jumaat, maka dengan keringanan itu, bolehlah dilakukan tanpa mandi tetapi mandi itu adalah lebih utama.” (Hadis riwayat Imam Abu Daud dan Termizi).
Kemuliaan yang ada pada Jumaat meletakkannya sebagai ‘penghulu’ segala hari.
Hadis Rasulullah yang diriwayatkan Abu Hurairah yang bermaksud: “Jumaat dinamakan sebagai ‘Saidul aiyam’ iaitu penghulu segala hari (hari yang sebaik hari).”
Ada banyak hadis dan riwayat mengenai kelebihan hari Jumaat. yang bertujuan menceritakan ganjaran yang perlu direbut oleh umat Islam. Antaranya:
  • Orang yang meninggal dunia pada hari Jumaat akan terlepas soal jawab kubur hingga hari Kiamat.
  • Sesiapa yang membaca surah Ali Imran pada hari Jumaat, maka Allah dan malaikat mendoakan kebaikan ke atasnya sehingga matahari terbenam pada hari itu.
  • Sabda Rasulullah yang diriwayatkan oleh Abi Said Al-Khudri bermaksud: “Sesiapa membaca surah Al-Kahfi pada hari Jumaat, Allah menerangi hidupnya antara dua Jumaat.”
  • Sesiapa membaca Surah Yassin pada malam Jumaat, Allah mengampunkan dosa kecil yang dilakukan, demikian menurut hadis Rasulullah yang diriwayatkan oleh Abi Hurairah.
  • Sabda Rasulullah yang diriwayatkan oleh Abdullah Ibn Abi Khatadah, bermaksud: Sesiapa yang mandi pada hari Jumaat seolah-olah dirinya bersih hingga Jumaat akan datang.
  • Mereka yang mendirikan solat Jumaat antara satu Jumaat ke satu Jumaat berikutnya, maka Allah mengkifaratkan atau mengelakkan dia daripada terbabit dosa besar.
  • Mereka yang berdoa dengan penuh keikhlasan hati pada Jumaat, mudah dimakbulkan Allah.
~ source: unknown ~
Jika kita memelihara kebencian dan dendam, maka seluruh waktu dan pikiran yang kita miliki akan habis dan kita tidak akan pernah menjadi orang yang produktif.