Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Anak Giler main PSP & PS

Anak-anak ku Zoey & Ryan

Kepada anak-anak ku..Daddy lihat kamu sentiasa menghabiskan masa yang bayak bermain dengan PSP dan PS.  Masa kau peruntukkan tidak seimbang dengan masa untuk membaca, berlatih piano, mengaji al-quran.  Kamu nampaknya leka dengan mainan tersebut.

Permintaan Daddy amat mudah...15 minit sahaja bermain piano, 1 jam membaca buku, 2 jam bermain dan selebihnaya kamu habiskanlah dengan dipenuhi aktiviti manusia biasa.....

Daddy tulis sebagai satu rekod rujukan kamu di masa hadapan....

Azman Mohamed

Monday, April 11, 2011

Move to New Home

Dear Bloger

we are very excited to move to new home....after 6 months waiting finally the day is coming.  For the past one month we are very busy clean up the house...but today house dirty again...for minor repair...

Report Book - Meeting with children's teachers

Dear Blogger

Both my sons exam just completed and result of them just collected.  Zoey still doing well save for English and History..apart then these 2 subjects - he doing pretty well.  His class teacher was very disturbed with his achievement for English subject.  First time for Zoey collecting other then A. Hope his will buck up and go for other level for the term 3.

Zoe's Art teacher Ms Sabai has shown to me all Zoe's collection art work for primary 4. The highest grade is C.  He is very playful and always talking in class.  Same goes to Music result.  Ms Wong complained that Zoey is always busy talking during music lesson.  Might it sound easy for him....he got B for Music subject..upset right...

My second son report was totally contrast then his elder brother Zoey..very quite at school even teachers complained that they hardly hear any voice for my lovely Ryan.  His problem is Bahasa Malaysia..apart then that he is doing fine.  All subject for an assessment he scored A..bravo my son...

To both of my sons..try hard to be perfect..aim high and try all the best..Good luck my sons.

Azman Mohamed