Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trip To Singapore

Gerek seh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This 5/5/2009 till 8/5/2009 we are planning to go to Singapore.....Actually we planned this trip is quite some time...Singapore is having Visit Singapore Year and Malaysian who want to visit their recreational places is eligible 50% discount then normal prize....Might be we have a night 2 days in Singapore and we go by night train.....let my kids enjoy and have an experience travel by train...let go..enjoy..gerek seh.....

Let check out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TTDI Jaya - Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa


Last Sunday 31/5/2009 my family and Pak Ngah Family have dinner at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa at TTDI Taya. This restaurant is a branch to Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kg Baru, KL but has been commercialize...this restaurant just open last is quite impressive...the food is delicious and original...and the restaurant lay out also beautiful and clean.

The menu also quite variety..We you don't like Nasi Lemak they also serve various type of noodle and etc...the staff also courteous and the price is affordable....

Actually all of us on diet..but since Mak Ngah really wish to eat Nasi Lemak we have to make her wish a reality..........

Spend time with kidz

Having Ice-cream at Hagen Dez

Ryan likes train very the Toy s R' s KLCC after watching movie

Zoey - posing outside picnic KLCSaturday 30/5/2009

We spend this weekend with kids with fullest. From morning I took Ryan to swimming class and later proceed Ryan Yamaha Music class. Wow...Ryan really can play music...he participate actively in class..his music listening skill also improving.....Mummy attending Make-up class at One Utama this week I have to accompanied Ryan to class ..luckily Zoey is helping..since Yamaha syllabus is quite different then Zoey class.

Later we proceeded to Ryan school to collect report book..we arrived quite late as schedule MRR2 traffic congestion is bad....upon arrival....luckily the school still open..have a good time with Ryan teachers...Ryan performance is very excellence.....

Later we proceeded to KLCC,we have lunch and bought few items which needed by my family..then watching movie.....A night a museum 2..this is sequel from Night at museum 1...the first one is better....Now my children can appreciate movie.....

Wow..that is very meaningful wekend....I would rather spend time with children rather then just doing nothing...

Ryan - Meeting Parents & Teacher

Outside Ryan Blubell class while waiting for our turn to meet Ms Keren

Ryan looks cool with jacket - this picture taken outside Ryan Bluebell class

Saturday 28/5/2009

We have collected Ryan Report Book and to listen his performance for entire semester 1 from his teacher.

Actual result, overall subjects he is very excellence. Ryan got 100% for maths, 98% for English and 92% for Bahasa Malaysia.

From his class teacher Ms Keren, overall performance in class is very good. Ryan has tremendous improvement for this semester.

Feed back from Ustazah also quite positive, he can memorize surah Al-Fateha and Al-ikhlas, his Iqra also quite good....good luck Ryan..keep up your good work....Ryan boleh....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ryan - learning to swim

Dear family blogers

Today 30/5/2009- just started his first swimming lesson at Supershakz - Shah Alam Akuatiq Centre. Tempat ni, Zoey belajar berenang dulu. Kat Shah Alam Akuatik ni banyak sekolah renang, ada Anak bilis, Ombak, Stealth and of course Supershakz.

Ryan's instructer is Julies.....from first day nampak least diffrent teacher then Zoey. Hari pertama, Ryan nampak enjoy dan tak ad masalah langsung..Zoey duly penakut...tapi sabar dan tekun sekarang dah boleh berenang macam ikan jerung lajunya....

Good luck Ryan...all the best

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Face Book

Dear Family Blogers


Any want insterested could tag me at my Face Book and just type Azman Mohamed..Okay...

Selamat Pengantin Baru Kepada Harry [Anak Mak Andak]

Dear Family Blogers

Pada sabtu ni, Harry akan menikah dan melangsungkan perkawinan di sebelah pihak perempuan di Melaka. Sesiapa yang boleh datang dan ikut rombongan ke Melaka adalah dialu-alukan.

Selamat Pengantin Baru..semoga berkekalan sehingga keakhir hayat..amin

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ryan Exam Result

Dear Family Blogers
Daddy is very surprise with Ryan 1st Semester Kinder 2 CEC exam result and performance. Relate to my previous posting the exam format for English is quite tough and tricky and some part is not suitable for Kinder 2 [5 years old more to 6 years old]; but Daddy has no opportunity to look for Maths and Bahasa papers.
Daddy has no doubt with Ryan ability in Maths since Maths is his favourite subject but for Bahasa is quite mysterious.
Math he got 100%;
English is 98% [average classmate is 80+]
Bahasa Malaysia is 88%
Mandrin do not get the result yet.
Bravo are getting better and clever....

Weight Wather and Blood Test

Dear Family Blogers
Our programme weight watcher is going to 4th weeks. Daddy weight [as at 26/5/2009 time 8.45am] has reduced to 68kg from 70kg. Daddy target is to reduce to 65kg within 3 months and during fasting month to reduce further 2 kg and by the time Hari Raya shall achive Daddy ideal weight 63kg i.e within BMI 24 [currently daddy BMI is 26].
Mummy also managed to reduce his weight to 69kg and Mummy target before Raya shall be 65kg. Since Mummy is taller then Daddy - 65kg is reasonable target within BMI 24.
Zoey managed to reduce carb intake and less fat base intake and less fast food. His weight actually within BMI but his tummy is quite prominent.
Ryan case, we try to persuade and sometime force him to eat more balance and healthy food since he is been categorize under slim and he is very choosy in food.
Mummy and Daddy have done blood test at Hospital Selayang, under Dr Anis-the result, Mummy is very healthy no problem at her cholesterol level, uric acid, kidney, lipid and urea just Mummy has to drink more water.
Daddy also has no problem with his health specially his cholesterol is okay save for his Uric Acid has crossed a border line which he is well aware and that is inherits from his father [gout problem]. Past history Daddy had 2 time having renal stone luckily both occasion the stone managed to come out without need for surgery...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Piano Upright Acoustic

Acoustic Piano - Yamaha Upright Model

We just bought a refurbished Yamaha Upright Model for Zoey to replace the existing Digital Piano that we bought about 3 years ago. The Digital Piano which currently used will be shifted to Atuk Mama House for daily practice for my 2 sons while they are in Ampang.

At that material time, we bought a digital piano we were quite naive. At that times, Zoey was just 4 and 1/2 years old. Initially we just bought a keybord brand Casio for Zoey since we unsure how Zoey progress and his passion in a music particularly in a piano. But that instrument did not support Zoey progress [he started learning piano at age of 4 1/2 years old at Mirado Music Centre under programme A Little Mozart] His progress was tremendous and 2 years course he completed it only in 6 months..Wonderful isn't.

Then we rushed to look for one piano for place to refer just relaying on representation from the sales person and showing the fact that a digital piano also acceptable for ABRSM Examination..we just bought one Digital Piano..brand Suzuki...the name is quite alien in piano market..brand new and a price about 4 thousand plus. That the most stupid junk we bought without any knowledge about the products. It is only help Zoey temporarily once Zoey goes to Grade 3....problem arise...a digital piano do not support a technique of playing specially on dynamic side...since digital piano we unable to control the pressure you press on the key and the sound is amplified by the electrical power. If we know, we will buy a used piano brand Yamaha or Kawai only. Money weasted.

Now ..we are getting smarter after reading and surfing and asking Yamaha Music teacher, then now my tips for those who is looking for piano for the first time:-

1. Look for acoustic piano and not digital piano if you buy for a long term...for suka-suka tak kisah lah whether a digital or acoustic;

2. Look for brand Yamaha or Kawai only [good re-sale value and can support till grade 8]

3. If you buy a refurbished or used piano - please refer to the serial number inside of the piano..each piano has special numbers..."lagi banyak number serial lagi baru piano itu" or else you go to for further detail to check the year of manufacture and serial number. A serial number is likes a birth cert for the particular piano.

4. Look for Asian market model a not Europe or North America; each continent has diff rent type local humidity. the piano is made tailor made to the environment and where the piano will localize. This is to avoid dryness and complication in later day...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

8th Marrige Anniversary Dinner

This is banana split FOC from the restaurant..

the internal decor also quite cool and functioning

the restaurant at Bukit Jelutong D' Pangkin

Macam mana nak diet ni......makan lalu je....

Mummy is having beef steak and Ryan having fish N chip

spaghetti marinara [seafood] yummy!!!!!!!!!

Zoey is having chicken chop and choclate ice blanded..the mushroom cream soup olso yummy!!!!!!

Chocolate ice blanded...cooling beb..blurp.....blurp....

While waiting..Ryan is practising Bahasa Malaysia and Maths....

The lovely card from my lovely wife

Anak Daddy

My lovely family
Dear Family Blogers

Every 20th May, is our big day. This a day we will remember till end of our life. The big event is still fresh in my mind. Well yesterday night we had our anniversary dinner, this time we not go far from our house, San Fransisco Pizza at Bukit Jelutong. I'm quite impressed with the courtesy, manner and the lay out of the restaurant is super excellent.

The staff is very efficient and the food is variety and delicious. This is western food restaurant and the menu is very appealing to my taste and my sons taste. Even they serve us FOC for Banana Split since they knew that yesterday is our anniversary day.

Might be the customers are mainly residence of Bukit Jelutong and the staff might be come from the children of Bukit Jelutong community. They are fluent in English, very courteous and well dress and behave.

The food is well done.....Kak Eida please take Pak Ngah to this restaurant...pasta dia sedap giler....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Alhamdullilah dipanjatkan kesyukuran kepada Illahi [SWT] yang mengekalkan perkhawinan kami dengan aman, tenteram dan penuh kesyukuran.

Alhamdullilah anak-anak kami semakin membesar dan bertambah bijak serta cerdik.

Alhamdullilah kami dianugerahkan dengan anak-anak yang cute dan handsome dan mudah dilentur dan diajar.

Alhamdullilah dan terima kasih kepada sanak saudara yang menyokong dan membantu dalam tumbesaran kedua-dua anak-anak kami terutama Atuk Mama & Atuk Abah termasuklah Aunti Angah & Family; Mak Ngah & Pak Ngah termasuklah Kak Effa, Kak Anis, Kak Eidah dan Kak Aji dan Abang Boboy sekeluarga.

Kami berusaha mengekalkan keharmonian dan kegembiran dalam perkhawinan kami dan dijauhi daripada rintangan, halangan, godaan dan ujian yang boleh melemah dan meruntuhkan perkhawinan kami.

Kami sentiasa berdoa "jodoh kami berdua dikekalkan satu-satunya hinggalah ke akhir hayat" Amin!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Exam week

Dear Family blogers

This week my 2 boys having an exam at thier respective school. Zoey is sitting for mid-term assesment whereas Ryan is sitting for 1st semester assesment. Daddy and Mummy is preparing Ryan everyday for the exam, yesterday 18/5/2009, he sat for English subject, today is Maths and tommorrow is Bahasa Malaysia and on Thursday is Mandrin. What Daddy worrying much is his Bahasa Malaysia and Mandrin.

This morning 19/5/2009 Daddy had an oppurtunity to look an english paper. There is an error in question construction and lay-out for the paper which too congested thus not correspond to the actual daily practice in a class and one question is badly drafted.

Zoey - today he is having an execursion week for term 3 and primary 2 is having a trip to Pusat Sain Negara, Bukit Kiara. Enjoy ..Zoey...tommorrow his will continue his exam...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sleep separated

We started to let our children to have nap in their room......then only let them sleep in this room at night far succeeded...

Zoey....really enjoy his own room...............very bright and cheerful...........

After moving the PS 2 to my children room and with some minor adjustment for bed lay 2 children loved it very much......some time they are fighting to get turn to play PS games getting less relevant to them....

This is the bird cage we bought at Zoo Melaka when Zoey was 6 months old......the first animal we teach Zoey was Bird.....from this..he developed..What is your name.....bird....How old are you..bebird....ect........

Ryan always fight to get priority over Zoey to play PS 2......actually this PS 2 almost 5 years old... only know is popular to my 2 children..previously they play on and off...more on computer games.....But we strictly monitor them playing and not compromise time to switch off specially home work, solat, reading quran and sleep time.......come to the point..Mummy will switch off if they fighting among them for turn to play..they have to learn to compromise and give and take...... for Quran recital.....Zoey just reached surah Al'Araaf and by this week could upgrade to Juzuk 11. Still belive he can finish his alquran end of this year alhamdulilah he really terang hati and reciting al-quran with good makhraj and tajwid...sometime he tajwid knowledge is better then year I will teach him hukum Feqah and detail tajwaid [tajwid per se] continue with Pak Ngah and Mak Ngah since they are expert in this feild...
Ryan...currently in Iqra' 2 and he managed to recite al-fateha, and 3 Qul......for him...continue with basic Iqra' and once complete Iqra' 6 then upgrade to Juz Amma.....then teach them sirah..and rukun iman.....

Dear family blogers

This week..we slowly put our children in their own room and sleep separate from us...Zoey is going to 7 years old this 18 of June and Ryan is 5 years is about time to let them to sleep separate from their parents.....

Last week we did make over children room....First thing we did we combined the 2 single bed to they won't fell while sleeping..then we move PS 2 to their room..make them happy and comfortable with their own room. Yesterday..we let them slept in their room and Daddy and Mummy slept in the next room.

So for ...the progress is okay.......Children need own room and space when they getting bigger and they have to sleep in the room which suitable and been decorated according to their age.....We don't want our children sleep with parents in the adult room which very adult agronomic....we should decorate to the suitability and more agronomic to them...This point some parents do not understand..not to put children in the room decorated like adult style..some parents thought this aspect is not important ......for them as long the children can sleep that it......parents also has other obligation to maintain marriage relationship healthy and continuous the

Progress of weight watcher......

Dear Family blogers

Ha..Daddy and Mummy managed to skip dinner for a past 3 weeks....this week Daddy and family able to swim and jog....we are very serious this time.....Daddy wish to keep healthy and reduce to Daddy ideal weight to 63 kg....Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another 5 kg to go.....Daddy try to reduce 3 kg within 3 months..1 month 1 sound more the time Raya....hope Daddy weight could down to 63kg.....

On the same time too..Daddy and Mummy also have to observe Zoey weight...even though he is within ideal weight BMI 24 but it is on the border line like Daddy and Mummy already crossed the border [over weight] BMI 26.

Good luck to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weight Watcher................

Check Your Weight!!!!!!!!!!!

What is your BMI.....are you over weight, or obese or okay......Well Daddy, Mummy, Zoey and Mak Ngah family are involved in this programme....You want to know what is the deal..and what is the prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pak Ngah and Azie are obese; Pak Ngah [ ? ] and Azie BMI is 32

Mak Ngah, Kak Anis, Cik Yan, Pak Man are over weight - Mak Ngah is 26, Kak Anis BMI is 26, Mummy is 26 and Daddy also 26; ideal weight BMI is 19 to 24;

Kak Eida and Zoey is 24 still within ideal but at the border line.

Ryan is under weight - thin/slim.

All individuals involve must reduce their weight within 3 months and for those having high cholesterol must reduce it and for those are unable to reduce or only able very minimal reduced will be declared a loser and shall treat all individuals involved in this programme. Weight shall be taken every month.