Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ryan 1st Semester Final Result

Dear Bloger

We just collected Ryan Report Book for his performance in last semester 1 exam in year 2011.  Actually Ryan performance is quite fair.  He got 100% for science and English Spelling, 88% for English, 90% for Ejaan, 84% for Penulisan and 60% for Kefahaman.  He failed in Mandarin (18%) and 41% for Agama Islam.
As before, teacher still complaining that Ryan seldom talk in class.  We try our best to help him and to encourage him to talk in class but he said he feel nervous to talk in Malay since many subjects are been taught in Malay...try hard can do it....

My Wife - Outstation for 1 week Freser Hill

It is quite hard for me to juggle between doing house work and have to go to work at the same time.  A part from taking care my 2 heroes, I have to prepare them to school, homework as well taking care the house.  Normally, house chore is taken care by me and monitoring our children we have divided i.e I'm taking care Zoey and my wife is taking care Ryan.  After 10 years of marriage, then  I have realized that marriage is about sharing everything and give and take...I cannot stand doing thing alone without my lovely wife..I love you my wife...