Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zoey is homesick at Permata Pintar

3/12/12 is second day Zoey in Permata Pintar. He called very early at 5.30am and informed us he woke up by himself. Zoey complained that the tap water is very cold and he used wet towel to clean his body. He is ready to go to school. Oh Allah i missed him so much....i could not sleep and continued praying the best for him. He asked me to come at 5.30pm today.  He wanted extra towels and socks.

We reached UKM quite early and bought him burger and drink. The rain showered havily and we keep waiting he come back from school. Pitty to the students have to run in the rain since the bus dropped them quite distance from the zaaba kolej. We thought zoey also got trapped under the tent. After waited few minutes zoey called us about 5.45pm and we asked him to go back stage and we will hand over the stuff we brought.  He came down look calm with white t shirt and white track bottom.  ohhh my son...miss you zoey..i pretending cool and compose..after few trip keeping his stuff to room and come to the momment that we have to go...atuk mama. ..ala kesian cucu sayang atuk mama...he burst and we asked him to go up fast worry RA could see us. About to out from UKM. .received a phone call from him...he cried over the phone and wanted to go home. ..i want to go..i miss you...cannot zoey..if you abandon. ..you will black list for future programme..and we have to pay...how much you have to pay??? Be cool zoey...you are a strong boy..that is a place that you can learn...a lots...no..no...RA spoke to us and advised us not to pick phone whent he call...he look all right only after phone call..he keep crying...ok....be strong zoey..you are in my heart...

Night he call again and asked us to come on the following day..we just gave empty promise..yes..

I prayed a saolat hajat for him..to be strong mentally and emotionly.

I love you zoey...aku perlu tahankan hati dan tabah..

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