Monday, December 1, 2008

Pak Ngah & Suraya admitted into Respective Hospital

Semua Family Blogers

Pak Ngah curently admitted into Hospital University -Malaya Tinkat 12 suspected infection viral because resulted of bruses and wound at his leg and he is disbetic patient.

He is currently on antibiotic -IVU drip - currently his condition is stabil and under control.

Whereas Suraya, Mak Andak's daughter just admitted into Hospital Putrajaya, for delivery her baby. She will go induce procedural since she has disbetis and due date shall fall on 2/12/2008.

Mak Andak already at her side and past few day she dream her late father came visited her and tought her to recite al-fateha and few Quran recital....Merical isnt' it.


Fieda said...

yea.. it cant imagine.. but the synchonization between parents and daughter/son will be forever ...

Fieda said...

Yeah now pak ngah ok.. need to finish antibiotik for two weeks after discharge from hospital last week..