Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just to say hai.....

Hello family blogers

Effa has been discharged from Selayang Hospital and currently she is resting at home at Puchong. To Effa, take care your self. and eat lot of red meat and spinach to gain more blood and to maintain your hemoglobin level.

Suraya, Mak Andak is nearly completed her berpantang 'confinement' and currently resting at Felda Bukit Jalur, Negeri Sembilan [her inlaw's house]

Last weekend after swimming lesson, I took my two heros to Plant Nursery along Jalan Sungai Buloh. We bought few trees and let my boys to choose thier own trees. Zoey bought a yellow colour flower plant, Ryan opted for purple colour and Mummy choose a yellow colour. We done gardening and let them take care thier own plant.

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