Friday, January 9, 2009

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wow.......n0w already 10/1/2009, we are 10 days in new year. Everything run very fast.. My first s0n, Z0ey this year g0ing t0 7th years old this 18/6/2009 what I could see a new changes on him is Zoey started performing 5 solat a days..with proper taken 0f ablution and proper prayer recital....good job and alhamdullilah.

My second son Ryan now in Kinder 2 at the same school but in in a 0ne big bungl0w seem that he is scling in a porch school. I also very happy cuz his kinder 2 class teacher is Ms Karen, she is a good teacher. We got to know her last year and fortunate she is Ryan, Bluebell class teacher.

Effa, Mak Ngah admitted t0 Selayang H0spital - l0w hem0gl0bin in her bl00d. She still under treatment and might be we ging t visit her t0day
10/1/2009. Take care y0ur self Kak Effa.



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