Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Learning to fast of Ramadhan

Dear Bloger

Today 4/8/2011 is 4th day of Ramadhan and its mean my eldest boy, Zoey has completed 3 day of fasting and still continue and very determine to complete whole one month of fasting. Bravo my boy. Zoey fisrt day of fasting was quite challenging and kept complaining that he is hungry and thirsty.  His grandmother kept his going and alhamdullilah he had completed his first day successfully.

On the second day, he did very weird thing...hugging fridge ..he cannot stand looking at chill drink in the fridge and near to breaking fast ..we have to get him to keep going and completed. On the same time too - it is quite though to awake him to wake up for supper [sahor]. We have to tell him all good quality of him be a muslim boy and to promise him another additional reward of RM200 for completion of one month fasting.

Bravo my boy...keep it a good muslim boy and learn how difficult a life is if we out of food and the life of poor guy...   

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