Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ryan Lost His School Shoes

Dear Bloger

This posting just to record the incident happen on my lovely youngest son Ryan. He lost his school shoes after music class at Stella Maris.  We understand that he is one of kind boy how know to keep his thing and his stuff intact and very tidy.  After came out from music class he could not find  his school shoes and he did not like to take other people shoes and left has no option since only one shoes still left without owner.  He sat on stair and keep crying until Atuk mama found him.

First instance, he did not say any word when asked and later after been given with chicken and drink only he told his grand mother of his problem.  He love his shoes and scare been scolded.  It is OK my Ryan...bad thing do happen and Daddy had returned the shoes to school office and hope school could find Ryan's shoes again.

Ryan - there are 2 qualities Daddy love you so much:-

1. Do not takes other when you lost one;
2. you know how to take care your stuff...

Bravo my child...

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Anonymous said...

Good boy. Azman,,he inherited the good traits from you.