Friday, July 27, 2012

Zoey & Ryan - story of 2012 fasting

Today is 28/7/2012 - 8th day of fasting for this year Ramadhan.  Alhamdullilah, for the 1st and 2nd day of this year ramadhan both of my sons managed to complete their fast.  Zoey looks cool since last year he had fast for whole month while Ryan this year he is started to learn to fast.

On 3rd day of fasting i.e on Monday 23/7/2012 - Ryan cried when my maother in law picked him up from school - he was very thirsty. Luckly my mum took soft drink along with her.  Zoey continued fasting until Iftar. Started that day..Ryan failed to continue fasting and hope next year he can stand hunger and thirsty.

Zoey on 5th day of Ramadhan - 25/7/2012 has broke his fast on reason that he was very thirsty since he was  involved in scout activities. But on the following day - he broke his fast again and only we discovered on the following day - at the time we about to put pocket money in his wallet.  We had discovered he spend all pocket money on the day before and when asked, he has no option to reveled that he spend for buying food at canteen.  Then..the lie and pretending on the previous day reveled.

To my your age - fasting is only learning precess and no compulsion imposed by Allah SWT and from parents. What we are not happy is you have tell lies and pretending without reveling the truth......   

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izz said...

salam dan hi en azman..

nice tracking id say.. ehehe.. not many husband/daddy like you... ambil berat betul tentang family..

im a mother of 3.. next yr my first son will be in standard one.. kementerian beri sr st john.. so, i ada baca your ryan suppose to be at the same school kan.. why did u switch his school.. is it because of the st john primary school is not good enough or you purposely want ryan to be in private school?

sorry for a long question.. hehe im in the middle of dilemma to decide where my son should be for his first primary school.. im waiting for sek ren agama al-amin too... it is just to avoid my son to be in two schools everyday.. meaning in the morning for sek kebangsaan.. in the evening for sek agama.. sra al-amin consist that two session altogether...

thanks in advance for your sharing.. pls feel free to log on my blog too.. salam perkenalan. :)