Saturday, November 17, 2012

Zoey - accepted to Permata Pintar

18/11/2012 - Saturday

It is heavy raining at Ampang..since we unable to go out..I.take this opportunity to write about my family.  Zoey was accepted to Permata Pintar (Gifted Centre) UKM this coming December.  The summer camp will take place from 2/12/2012 till 21/12/2012 and he will doing Maths Reasoning. Thanks Allah and we proud of you Zoey...

Last school final exam - Zoey was awarded the best in English and Maths..he missed an award for 5A ..short of 2 mark for him to obtain A for science subject.  What made me so happy that he improved in Malay language subject..both penulisan and pemahaman he got A.

Ryan did not collect any award this is a lesson for him to try harder...But still he obtained good A for maths and science subjects..B for Penulisan, Pemahaman and English.  Other non core subject he obtained A. He maintained A for Arts...


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