Thursday, August 7, 2008

Atuk Mama & Atuk Abah

Syukran Ghazilah... Alhamdullilah. Many thanks to Allah SWT giving my an opportunity to know what is love is about means a love from a people we call it a father and mother [referring to my father and mother in law]. My real mother was passed a way when I was 5 years old. What I could remembered about my late mother arwah Halimah is only a last few days before she submit ed herself to the Creator. I could remembered how she was suffering and lying on the bed unconsciously and one imam after another dropped to my house to treat her; after she was taken home from the hospital. What I'm been told by my sisters and late father that my late mother was suffered a sickness which related to black magic...wallah hu alam....
I could remembered that I enjoyed saw a water gushing from the hose carried a water goes straight to the house drain; and without knowing that the water was from the last bath of my mother body; I enjoyed playing a wet cotton soak with a water from the drain without knowing that the cotton that I took was a cotton leftover from covering my late mother body; I played and kept throwing the wet cotton to the sky and seem nor one bothered about me and nor one say the word of stop from laughing and playing. I look around and I saw a people around me were busy crying and one after another pat my back and hugged me and a few people offering a coins even though I did not know what is the money could do at that material time.
What I could remembered that one of my sister pull my hand hardly and taken me to cross under the coffin before the last journey my my late mother body to nearby cemetery. [petua mengelakkkan rindu..kuraffat].
What I could remembered that one the first day after my mother gone; no one could feed me a rice at night and seems I did not know how to feed my self and I still could remembered that my late father kept scolded me hard since almost all the rice from the plate was landing on the floor instead to my mouth. My night was very cold.
My sisters said that my late mother was very hard working. Her last wishes is to eat "bubur sum-sum"; she managed to got it. My late mother was very soft, gentle, hardworking and willing to sacrifice her life for the family. She tried her best to make a stomach of her children not growling.
Thank you Allah you giving me a in-law which are very caring, young and lovely and I could feel their blessing and joy of love. Thank you Allah.

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Fieda said...

yea.. all the challange in our life make us more stronger and matured..
Its important to appreciate and put them as 1st priority among others, so that no regret in our life..