Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wet Day in KL

Kuala Lumpur is very wet day; Since morning there were many road blocks leading to Kuala Lumpur. Even to move around KL is very slow; the car seem crawling on the road. At this material times about 5.25pm on 7/8/2008, I hardly see KLCC; the sky still dull and the rain still drop heavyly.

Like the rain; our political climate is still very gloomy and the petrol issue still unsettle eventhough the world oil price is reducing everyday. Inflation still high and buying power getting small. This scenario, make me to check my pocket and spend wisely and to forgo and forget thing which been clasiffied very lavish.

Well... hope the rain will stop soon vis-as-v same goes to the event leading to our economy and local politic problems. Hoping the sun will come out soon and to brighten our mother earth like goes to politic and to uplift the economy problem that we are suffering....

Happy holiday.. well come to Bangkok....

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