Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Dear Family Bloger

Once I look back of my life for the past 10 years then I notices not much changes thing around me. Internet and e-mail already exist and the only different at now days there's is a broadband unlike 10 years ago we were using Dail-up.

The rest remain the same only probably only slight changes. In KL thing around us are same; nor major changes in KL landscape, even when chambering student came to my office for pupillage period I notice that the syllabus of law school remain; in fact some of the discipline has been taken out from the syllabus.

well..well ..the life and thing around us is almost stagnant; the changes is my age, my physical appearances and my family.


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Fieda said...

There are changes in It but quite slow due to lack of r n d compared to others country like US, India, Japan...Their enviroment are more competitive and hig demand in technology..I expected the same things happen to others field also like you had mention from your entry.. Anyway keep on upgrading ourself...