Monday, February 2, 2009

Tok Chair comes to KL

semoga perhimpunan ini mendapat kerahmatan Illahi.

My two heros memang bab posing ---caya gitu...

My smarters...Zoey

Wit..wit..ini lah barisan pelapis yg akan mengegarkan dunia wanita.....ha....ha..

Atuk Mama's Family

These picture were taken about one month ago, last school holiday. Atuk Mama's

family comes to KL, we took them to Putrajaya. Actually all the planning was done by Mak Cik Kin. She the one always free and creative to get the whole Pak Lang Desa get together.

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Nur A.MD said...

Thanks for ur compliments, but bab "free" tu kadang-kadang aje..thanks