Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan

Happy Birthday Ryan. This 13th of March,2009 my lovely son will turn to 5 years old. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the day past very past. I still freshly remembered the 1st daay he was borned on 13/3/2004. At that the time we about to move to Bukit Jelutong House.

Every Ryan's Birthday, Zoey also busy with his birthday. We have to buy 2 presents and every thing must be equaled. Well as a small boy I hope his care toward his brother will remain forever.

Actually this cake was baked by Kak Anis with minimal assistance from us.

Busy preparing the ingredients specially Zoey which lately so interested on cooking and Chanell 703 Astro AFC his one of his favourite chanell.


Fieda said...

happy birthday ryan

Ryan Zeffrey said...

thank yo Kak Eida

Faris Daniel said...

Happy coming birthday ryan...All the best in life..