Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ryan Blood Test at Ampang Puteri Hospital 24/3/2009

Dear Blogers

Today, Thuesday, I took my lovely Ryan to Ampang Puteri Hospital for a blood test. Ryan got fever since last Thursday till Friday but on the Saturday, day time he seem okay but at night his fever coming back but look okay again on the following Sunday, during day time. Again he got fever on Monday night and look very healthy on Monday during day time made us to cancel our planning for blood test. Seem like "demam malam"

On Monday night again, his fever came back and Atuk Mama "berleter" and kept remanding us to take Ryan for Blood Test [Ryan is her lovely cucu]. On Tuesday very early in the morning we arrived at Ampang Puteri Hospital and he seem friendly with Medical Officer and he very cooperative. But came the time the nurse wanted to take blood from his vein he quite scared and he called the nurse Vampire sucking his blood.

Even to the Dr he not allow the Dr to take out the plaster plastering his hand and keep telling the Dr he not happy with the nurse and called the nurse Vimpire in day time. Confirmed he got viral fever since his Limposycite more than average and Dr has prescribed Zennath [antibiotic] to him. Tonight he look okay.

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