Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sacrifice [pengorbanan]


Tribute to the Late Tuan Zakaria - Kembali ke Rahmatullah pada 12/4/2008.

Sacrifice....this word is very close connotation with something holy and pure. This posting I would like to tribute to one of a person who has a very good quality leadership and has made a big sacrifice for betterment his children education and willing to forgo his property on name of sacrifice to let his son to become a lawyer. The person is the late [Allyarham] Tuan Zakaria [SP]. He was a father to one of my business partner Zahrizal Zakaria [Rezal]. The late Tuan Zakaria was a police officer in goverment service....with that he spend own money send Rezal to read law at Bond University in Australia. The thing he had done is look very normal and yes it is a duty of father toward his son; but if we exemine in details what we could learn from him:-

1. Although he was a goverment officer with limited and constraint resources still he willing to take up education loan to send his son abroad and later willing to sacrifice his one and the only family house just to pay back the loan. [Normal Malay person, relaying on Mara or Govt loan/scholarship if no sponser......that the end......even they got a loan, still reluctant to service the loan when they completed thier studies];

2. We must plan for our children education specially for professional courses if not we just grab whatever courses offered by public university eventhough that is not our children choice...later our children will facing a difficulty to secure job;

3. Are you willing to forgo your property just for your children education and later do you not worry your children will be ""Si Tenggang"?

Actually, the spirit and quality shows by the late Tuan Zakaria has made me more determined to give best education to my 2 children. If you ask me about money ...yes I very worry but I'm very inspire by Tuan Zakaria...and I 'll promise and I will do my best and to give my best to my children education ...I willing not to drive a porch car and live in big bunglow for name of children education.

There was incident happen between Rizal and his father at early marrige specially Rezal has been given by Allah with very special daughter and lot of money need to be spend to see his daughter to live in normal life......What his father said to him....that a sacrifice father to his children and if Tuan Zakaria can do to Rezal and difinetly Rezal could do better then his father.....As a father are one of a role model........Al-Fateha to Arwah Tuan Zakaria pada 12/4/2009 genap 1 tahun dia kembali ke rahmatullah...semoga rohnya ditempatkan dikalangan orang yang beriman.

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