Thursday, April 2, 2009


Follow-up to my past posting about how to be fair to my sons and after several thought and seeking people ideas then I have made up my mind and to make full stop from this issue hunting my mind. My main reason are as follows:
1. Send Ryan to Govt School - St John KL is not a bad decision actually is only a recovery plan in the event our economic continue slump down. At least I have contingency plan for my worse scenario;
2. A like Zoey, I also registered him to Govt School - Bkt Jelutong Primary School as a back up plan but at the end I put him to Sayfol International School. Fair isn't it.
3. My alternative plan for Ryan is to send him to Private School - Stella Marris, Ampang - at least the whole subjects will be thought in English save Bahasa and Agama and on top of that this school using Singapore syllabus for English save for when student enter to Primary 6 they will expose to Malaysian KBSR English just to let student familiar with UPSR English format before they sit the exam. At least to narrow the disparity;
4. In the event my financial and our economy back to good then Ryan will be sent to Sayfol International School. Fair and just.
5. Before I arrived to this decision at least my thought and my action are documented and recorded in this blog and my son has a reference to look before they came any conclusion about fairness.

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