Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday - lepak at Sunway Pyramid


Since Ryan is not feeling well, Daddy has decided to cancell swimming session this weekend. As replacement Daddy took all his family to Sunway Pyramid; just to have lunch and buy some trousers for Zoey since he is getting bigger...just buy daily brand for house ware.

Mak Ngah went back to Muar to visit Mak Andak with Mak Tam and Kak Cu; So no "mengaji" session for Zoey with mak Ngah this Sunday [about finish surah An'Am"].....Kak Eida is joining us for lunch. We had lunch at Waffle House...Zoey so excited and ate till vomitted and Ryan middle way having lunch he fell sleep. he so heavy and Daddy has to carry him all along the way back home since Mummy forgotten to bring his sroller......

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