Sunday, July 5, 2009

Having Dinner at San Fransisco Pizza Bukit Jelutong

In this picture his looks cool....actually tak tahu duduk diam

My lovely Ryan.....naughty..and very active..

Ryan really likes Mini Car....actually that his all time favorite car

Zoey..blogging and games his past time hobbies..

Ryan..Maths is favorite.....

My children..without computer or big disaster...they could not keep idle without these

My Parent in law..they are back bone to our happy family..always care my children..Zoey is Atuk Abah favorite son whereas Ryan is belong to Atuk Mama..

Time to place an order usual Fish n Chip, Chicken Chop and Pasta are my children favorite

Having a dinner at outside with family quite fun specially my children love western food very much, same goes to Atuk Mama. We rarely miss every moment we spend time in unity and we put in our block just to let my children we got together during childhood that could make future reference to them...

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