Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Zoey is having final exam...


Good luck to you my son....Zoey is having an exam from 1st of July till 8th of July...That is final exam for Primary 2 before he will goes for long summer holiday from 15th July till 4th of September, 2009.

This September, Zoey will be in Primary 3. As we know Zoey is gifted boy...he has no problem to get A for every subject..for Zoey A is when he got 100% mark for the subject....Actually he is quite all rounder in his achievement from Art to Music till Languages and science and also Maths. He is Quran recital almost half finished and Daddy veryly belive by this year end he will "khatam" his Al-Quran..... He is also a good swimmer and good in piano.

Good luck my son...Daddy is trying to speak to the school whether the school could upgrade him straight to Primary 4 since his is good in every subject...

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