Friday, October 14, 2011

Zoey and Ryan a naughty boys

Dear Family Bloggers

1. My 2 sons are growing and getting naughty and active.
2. Looking their past record in school, several  complaints from school teacher;then we have decided to check and look, how the children at their age are behave and communicate as well as playing together without parents supervision
3. Then, today we have attended Friday prayer at Bukit Jelutong Mosque and we knew that on the second floor is the place where all Bukit Jelutong boys are praying.
4. We saw and observed that, the children at age under 12 are very active and difficult to sit still and quite.
5. Many children communicative like fighting and steeping steps even behave like a wrestlers..then..our 2 boys at home are such a normal person.......needs lot of guidance and supervision....

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