Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zoey & Sofiya

Dear Family Bloggers

My eldest son, Zoey is just 9 years old. But he is very close with his classmate, a girl name of Sofiya.  Actually they were a classmate when they were in primary 1 and 2 and later in primary 3 and 4 both of them went to different classes.

Zoey is very close to Sofiya since both of them had joined a choir class when they were in primary 1 and 2.  When Zoey aged 7 years old, he was invited to Sofiya 8th birthday at Kids Sport, Great Eastern Ampang. Thera was incident whereby a family of Sofiya teased Zoey and Sofiya for the relationship and  specially Sofia's brother Arif Zarin.

Later this year, my family and Sofiya's family getting closer and happen about in August, 2011 we had a late lunch together and Sofiya's father Rizal Zarin has informed to Zoey that he was the first boy Sofiya kiss and Zoey was quite embarrassed and retaliated by saying that was untrue and was a lie.

In October, 2011 - Zoey had invited Sofiya to join him to Ryan Stella Marris family day.  We have collected Sofiya from her house in Sering Ukay and we spend time together and later in the evening we had coffee at Sofiya house with her family.

Rizal and Aliza are a very kind person and both of them seem like Zoey very much.  Even Sofiya's father has mentioned that we gave them another 5 years and the relationship might change no longer only a friend but might turn to a special friend. 

To Zoey - Daddy has no problem with the relationship and the rest may Allah has written in Uhlul Mahfuz...just wait and see.....


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