Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Zoey has to change school

Dear bloggers
1. After Sayfol International School increased a school fees, we have decided to move Zoey to Stella Maris Primary School.
2. The increment was too high and we are could not afford to pay and to let Zoey to continue he's study in Sayfol.
3. We have decided after taking several factors:
3.1. Primary 5 latest fee is equivalent to old fee for form 5 stage.
3.2. yearly fee keep increasing and we cannot move Zoey now later it is to late and difficult for him to make an adjustment,
4. On the other hand, we also quite sad after looking at Zoey performance in Sayfol and his current achievement of him i.e age 9 already in a Primary 5.
5. He will goes to Primary 4 in Stella Maris since Stella Maris has to follow Kementerian Pendidikan ruling set by the Government which the class shall according to age of pupil. Since Zoey is going 10 years old next year so he has to go to primary 4.
6. His best friend who is joining him to Stella Maris, Sofia is going to primary 5 since she is 11 years old next year.

Sorry Zoey, that only Daddy can afford and try your best and we know you can do it.


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Anonymous said...

How much is the fees of stella maris primary?