Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not a good start this fasting month

Dear Family Bloger

I love Ramadhan. I belive that I have completed one month fasting Ramadhan since I was a child. But this is diffrent. On the First day of Ramadhan, Monday at about 6.00 pm after having a good shower to prepare for the breaking fast; I had very severe stomach ache on my right stomach and it slowly go to my right testis and toward my right back.. The pain is unberable then My wife rushed me to Ampang Puteri Hospital. I knew this is a indicates that i have a renal colic..

At 7.00 pm on monday... i'm sweeting in the cold room... Allah...sakitnya...tak tertahan. Paramedic gave me one injection of pain killer...and my urine also contained blood...confirmed that was a renal colic....

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