Saturday, September 6, 2008


Dear Family Blogers

Hari ini adalah hari ke- 7 kita berpuasa. Satu minggu menjalani ibadah berpuasa tak terasa masa berlalu amat pantas. Another 3 weeks for us to celebrate Hari Raya. Wow!!!!!! We not done any shopping yet......This year we are having a little bit financial constraint and so we are going to examine every penny that we are going to spend and buy things according to priority and need.

My first son, Zoey just started his primary 2 and his school fee just increased about 15% and this year he has decided to forgo his choir class and sign up for violin for his music co-curriculum. Well, we have to set aside our money to but violin.. Well !!!! well....

Zoey, swimming lesson is progressing very-very well. After passed his level 1 and upgraded to Level 2, his level of confidence in swimming is increasing dramatically. Hope he could pass all level with out any hi-cup.. Next year we have decided to enroll our second son, Ryan for swimming under same school like Zoey.....

Zoey, his piano lesson also progressing well he currently on the way to grade 3 for his piano, whereas Ryan is in JMC -Yamaha and he going to complete JMC 1 end of this months and currently his teacher is preparing his JMC student for mini-concert on this 29/9/2008. We have decided for Ryan to cotinue under Yamaha syllabus (Japan syllabus) whereas Zoey is under ABRSM - more toward classical (under UK syllabus). Hope both could compliment each other at the later stage.

Well... selamat berpuasa... berjimat berbelanja..




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Fieda said...

yer..selamat berpuasa..sama la..kiter pun blom shopping raya lagi..he he