Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congratulation Zoey for passing level 2 swimming exam

That a miracle happen that zoey passed his level 2 swimming exam. This level his learning freestyle and backstroke kick and he has to swim freestyle and backstroke kick. I have confident at his freestyle but not his backstroke kick...Suprised....he passed and cleared his freestyle without any problem. For backstroke kick, the examiner gave his second chance and based on the way his uplift his stomach while doing back stroke float and he did back floating for more then 10 seconds was sufficient for the examiner to pass him.
Mark Chua said the back stroke swim he will be learning against in level 3; as long as he can do back float and uplift his stomach during back floating is sufficient for him to pass Zoey.
His instructor also very surprised that Zoey passed his level 2.
Thank you Shahrul ..the instructor...Zoey like him very much...

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Fieda said...

YEa.. congrats zoey.. All da best for next level.. (^-^)..