Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taking Care - Children

Zoey helping Daddy steaming Bun for preparing Burger and Hotdog

Let the, do painting.....tracing by using fruit [apple and orange]

very stylo painter........

We have taken out "three wheel" from Zoey bike..he has to learn to ride with out them

Enjoy with bike...cycling

Ryan not well today. He fever is back but the tempreture is quite moderate just supervise and give him Nurofen for every 4 hours. Since Zoey is not fuly recovered from HFMD and Mak Ngah just recovered from fever and Kak Eida still having fever...we have to take care our children today. Daddy will take care them in the morning whereas Mummy will continue in the afternoon. Daddy have an appointment at Putrajaya at 3.oopm whereas Mummy have a meeting in the morning.
In the morning, my boys woke up very early..they send off Mummy for works. Daddy have them shower, Daddy prepared them breakfast.....just cereal and fresh milk. All of us really enjoy the happy momment..then pretending Daddy like a shooll teacher..first subject is show and tell..continue with Book reading..PE [teach Zoey riding bike; we have taken out roda tiga from Zoey and Ryan bike] and nearly noon Daddy let them watching TV definetly blogging.

Later my boys helping me to cook....our menu is burger and hotdog only......

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