Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Piano Upright Acoustic

Acoustic Piano - Yamaha Upright Model

We just bought a refurbished Yamaha Upright Model for Zoey to replace the existing Digital Piano that we bought about 3 years ago. The Digital Piano which currently used will be shifted to Atuk Mama House for daily practice for my 2 sons while they are in Ampang.

At that material time, we bought a digital piano we were quite naive. At that times, Zoey was just 4 and 1/2 years old. Initially we just bought a keybord brand Casio for Zoey since we unsure how Zoey progress and his passion in a music particularly in a piano. But that instrument did not support Zoey progress [he started learning piano at age of 4 1/2 years old at Mirado Music Centre under programme A Little Mozart] His progress was tremendous and 2 years course he completed it only in 6 months..Wonderful isn't.

Then we rushed to look for one piano for place to refer just relaying on representation from the sales person and showing the fact that a digital piano also acceptable for ABRSM Examination..we just bought one Digital Piano..brand Suzuki...the name is quite alien in piano market..brand new and a price about 4 thousand plus. That the most stupid junk we bought without any knowledge about the products. It is only help Zoey temporarily once Zoey goes to Grade 3....problem arise...a digital piano do not support a technique of playing specially on dynamic side...since digital piano we unable to control the pressure you press on the key and the sound is amplified by the electrical power. If we know, we will buy a used piano brand Yamaha or Kawai only. Money weasted.

Now ..we are getting smarter after reading and surfing and asking Yamaha Music teacher, then now my tips for those who is looking for piano for the first time:-

1. Look for acoustic piano and not digital piano if you buy for a long term...for suka-suka tak kisah lah whether a digital or acoustic;

2. Look for brand Yamaha or Kawai only [good re-sale value and can support till grade 8]

3. If you buy a refurbished or used piano - please refer to the serial number inside of the piano..each piano has special numbers..."lagi banyak number serial lagi baru piano itu" or else you go to for further detail to check the year of manufacture and serial number. A serial number is likes a birth cert for the particular piano.

4. Look for Asian market model a not Europe or North America; each continent has diff rent type local humidity. the piano is made tailor made to the environment and where the piano will localize. This is to avoid dryness and complication in later day...

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