Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Week

Ni fisrt day after Zoey fully recovered from HFMD..we declared Zoey is safe then he can play with Ryan...Alhamdullilah after strict movement and seperation Ryan is not infected....This is a trip to Atuk Mama House..they really made a noise..play together as usual...Daddy really touch..

Zoey was happy after fully recovered from HMFD..he miss his classmate and school and looking forward to go to school..almost 2 week he was away from school. Zoey is quite close with Aunti Angah..since Dafi got HFMD he also infected..unlike Ryan he more to Atuk Mama..really go to Auntie Angah house.....

I Love You Adik....Daddy can I touch Adik....Mummy ...body contect....that were the words they said every time they touching each other.

Load of school work..Zoey have to finish before he back to school..Daddy don't Zoey miss any lesson......since Assesment for mid-term 3 is around a corner that is on 18th of May, 2009....

Hai Family Blogers

Last week and particularly last weekend we were very busy. As you know, Zoey just recovered from HFMD; Mummy has collected Zoey school diary and school works which he missed for the past 2 weeks since he was absent from school.....wow........ton of works he has complete it for last weekend..bravo Zoey..he managed completed all.......

Hence, I have to supervise him to complete his school work....he really talented and gifted..he can spot mistake done by teacher and other students specially in English grammar and maths [fraction; his favourite topic]....the last works was creative writing..he has to complete 2 titles that are "Unexpected Present" and "Asking Trouble"..the last works he finished at 11.15pm on 10/5/2009, Sunday.

Daddy has been told by Mummy; that Zoey sit/table was taken over by other student, Mashdall..he has to re-sited in other place..luckily Mummy was since Mummy has to hand over Zoey homeworks to Ms Khaleda [class teacher]...Zoey has a problem in his sight..so he has to sit in front row...teacher placed him at front row in left hand side og his class...he is no more partner to Sofia..Sofia look upset...........since Zoey is sitting at different place.

Last weekend also we have to complete spring cleaning for entire house.....we washed every thing from comforter; bed spread; pillow case; vacuum whole house; mopping etc....pancit siutttttttttttt.

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