Monday, May 25, 2009

Weight Wather and Blood Test

Dear Family Blogers
Our programme weight watcher is going to 4th weeks. Daddy weight [as at 26/5/2009 time 8.45am] has reduced to 68kg from 70kg. Daddy target is to reduce to 65kg within 3 months and during fasting month to reduce further 2 kg and by the time Hari Raya shall achive Daddy ideal weight 63kg i.e within BMI 24 [currently daddy BMI is 26].
Mummy also managed to reduce his weight to 69kg and Mummy target before Raya shall be 65kg. Since Mummy is taller then Daddy - 65kg is reasonable target within BMI 24.
Zoey managed to reduce carb intake and less fat base intake and less fast food. His weight actually within BMI but his tummy is quite prominent.
Ryan case, we try to persuade and sometime force him to eat more balance and healthy food since he is been categorize under slim and he is very choosy in food.
Mummy and Daddy have done blood test at Hospital Selayang, under Dr Anis-the result, Mummy is very healthy no problem at her cholesterol level, uric acid, kidney, lipid and urea just Mummy has to drink more water.
Daddy also has no problem with his health specially his cholesterol is okay save for his Uric Acid has crossed a border line which he is well aware and that is inherits from his father [gout problem]. Past history Daddy had 2 time having renal stone luckily both occasion the stone managed to come out without need for surgery...

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