Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weight Watcher................

Check Your Weight!!!!!!!!!!!

What is your BMI.....are you over weight, or obese or okay......Well Daddy, Mummy, Zoey and Mak Ngah family are involved in this programme....You want to know what is the deal..and what is the prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pak Ngah and Azie are obese; Pak Ngah [ ? ] and Azie BMI is 32

Mak Ngah, Kak Anis, Cik Yan, Pak Man are over weight - Mak Ngah is 26, Kak Anis BMI is 26, Mummy is 26 and Daddy also 26; ideal weight BMI is 19 to 24;

Kak Eida and Zoey is 24 still within ideal but at the border line.

Ryan is under weight - thin/slim.

All individuals involve must reduce their weight within 3 months and for those having high cholesterol must reduce it and for those are unable to reduce or only able very minimal reduced will be declared a loser and shall treat all individuals involved in this programme. Weight shall be taken every month.


Fieda said...

OK will see.. hua.. hua

Azman & Azian & Zoey & Ryan said...

keep motivated!!!!!!!!!!!!