Saturday, May 17, 2008

Congratulation to Abang Boboi & Matun

Dear Abang Boboi & Kak Matun

Congratulation to both of you for getting baby boy. Zoey wish your son shall be named as Ian Faris Danial. That a good name. For Matun we pray to Allah SWT for your fast recovery. We knew the complication face by you during pregnancy. you debates, kidney, blood pressure etc. even the baby has to taken out at age 28 months pregnancy.

Even though at the material time We writing this blog, you still unable regain consciousness, hope you recover soon and able to take care your baby.

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Fieda said...

To Kak Matun: Yea.. hope you will getting well soon

To abg Boboi: Be stronger and congrats for the baby boy..