Saturday, May 31, 2008

Matun's Latest Health

Dear Family Bloger

We have visited Matun today. Today was the highest visitors recorded.

We have Mak Dah, Ayah Nan, Nek pah, Yana & Zuhairi. Mak Engah, Kak Effa & Kak Eieda. Azman, Azian, Zoey & Ryan. Mak Tam, Pak Tam, Munawar & Odok. Cik Kah and her 5 children from Ipoh, Perak and Anak Abg Fuad (the eldest) as well Mak Chor's parent.

Matun was gone through 5th Dialysisis and Dr expected to discharge at least of water from her body. Yesterday dialysis quite frustrated only 500ml managed to discharge from her body instead of 6hrs dialysis.

Boboi has been confirmation by the Dr that Matun currently got infection from bacteria and yesterday Dr discovered there was a blood from her oxcigen noozle and upon check up it confirmed she was infected.

For those whe is going to visit her, please look after your hygine and take note that from today onward Dr has discourage any visitor to come close contact to her and only been allowed to visit till level of 1st door of her room to avoid further bacteria be infected to her.

Today dialysis as at 6.30pm, Dr has managed to discharge 2 litre of water from her body and we and family quite sad to see her only from outside not like as usual which and we are quite understand how frustrating she is upon looking her health condition and new regulation imposed by the Hospital. Hope Boboi could make her understand of the current situation.

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