Sunday, May 25, 2008

Matun dalam separuh coma

Assalamualikum All family's bloger

Please be informed that Matun health condition is critical. Other then Pre-enclepsia [hypertension + proteinurea] that she suffering, Dr just discovered that her heart beat getting weaker. This cause came from the aterial friction is functioning less 15% [normal person is 75%]. The medical team had decided ti put her on coma to let her heart functioning to the minimal.

Last 23/5/2008, Dr had called all close family to meet her for about one hour before the morfin been injected to her veena to put her on coma temporely.

On 24/5/2008, all family in KL has gathered in Univ Malaya Medical Centre, to get lates information on her health. Mak Andak came all away from Muar to get to see her. I received a called from Boboi about 7.00 pm on 23/5/2008 about Matun in critical condition and immediately to inform Omel, Mak Long in Muar, Mak Enon, Mak Engah, Mak Tam, Mak Andak, Suraya.

By the time I reached UMMC, Mak Dah, Ayah Nan, Ibrahim, Boboi, Mak Tam, Mak Andak and her 2 sons, Suraya were already there. I came with Mak Ngah.

When i made a quick look at her in ICU her eyes was opened and her body was shaking (pre-enclepsia) At the time, Mak Andak, Mak Engah and Yan made a quick look she nor more concious probably in semi coma. Oxcigen has been following direct to her nouse and mouth and respritory has been taken over by the machine insted of manualy

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