Friday, May 23, 2008

Matun's Health Condition

Dear Family

Latest - Matun's Health.

Breathing - she still having difficulty in breathing and totally relaying on oxygen support. This is due to water in her lung. Started from 22/5/2008 she has gone breathing physio of which a few routine shall be followed strictly to get water out from her lung in normal ways. Other option might be considered by Dr is by making hole at the lung to suck water - this option will invite bacterial infection and is quite risky. From my observation - the breathing nozzle covered her nose getting smaller - from direct nozzle to her mouth - later nozzle covered her whole face and currently only covering her nose.

Urine - still very deep yellow and it might -protein urea is still high or the urine to concentrate since limited intake of water - since to monitor/discharging access water from her body.

Bruises and blood circulation getting better - currently blood bruises on her arm spreading to entire skin of her right hand. This might cuz from internal bleeding or veena.

Body blotting - due to water content still high and the kidney unable to function properly her body still swollen - save for her leg from knee till bottom getting better/smaller.

Breast milk - currently she is able to produce milk and Boboi is helping her to pump out the milk naturally.

Baby - still in ICU - breathing still relaying oxygen support - the stomach still yet ready to accept milk naturally and the feeding of milk has been put off at this moment until the baby stomach ready to accept.

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Fieda said...

Yea. very terrible and cant imagine it as well...
Very suffer at this time.. pray for Allah may help her.. Insya allah...