Friday, May 23, 2008

Matun Health condition as at 23/5/2008

Dear Family Blogger

We have received a bad news from Boboi that Matun health condition is deteriorating. The latest development that she still having difficulty in her breathing and latest discoveries that her heart is weak and only 15% functioning. After discussion and Dr has decided to put her on coma. To get this done - Dr has called immediate family to meet her for one hour and to say last word before to put her to coma.

I very belive that the Dr decision to put her to coma might help her to rest and control internal body organ specially her heart.

We have visited her at about 9.00 pm 22/5/2008. Her condition look very bad and oxygen has been channeled direct to her mouth. The condition look very sad and hope Allah could help her to overcome this big challenge and her soul is nearly to see Him.

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