Thursday, May 29, 2008

Matun - Hari Ke 14 dalam ICU

Dear Family Bloger

Today 29/5/2008 - day of 14th Matun in ICU ward in Univ Hospital PJ. We have been informed that today 3rd time Matun gone through dalysis after such complication mentioned in my past posting in this blog herein.

For 1st dialysis on 27/5/2008 - Dr has managed to discharge 2 litre of water from her body and on the subsequent day slightly less 2 litre since the dialysis machine was dis function after 5hrs in proses suppose should be 6 hours. Dr was espected today another 2 liter shall be discharge from her body.

In effect to the dialysis gone through for the past 3 days - swollen of her body has reducing tremendously specially leg and arm parts. Matun had spoken to Boboi that her leg and arm getting lighter. Dr reviewing after 2 dialysis as at today- level of water in her lung is reducing then before dialysis.

Dr do not allow her to speak to any body and she still be put on morfin and shall awake 2-3 times a day after 9-10 hrs sleep/comma. Her awaken time was very minimal about 15-30 minute interval.

As at this material times - Dr has reduce level of oxygen intake then past 4 days. From physical observation there was progress on her health but the progress not that prominent unless interval of days of visiting that we could see her progress.

She still unable to step down from her bed and never able to walk since admission to ICU.

Merically -after 3 days delivering the baby regardless her health condition not permitting - her body was able to produce milk and Boboy has managed to pump out the milk and we have understand the milk has been given to her baby after 10 day later. Unfortunately Dr has to inject medicine to stop her from producing milk since her health detorating and Alhamdullilah her boy managed to drink his mother natural milk.

Until today she has no opportunity to look her baby through her naked eyes but Boboi has shoot a few photo and picture has been develop and has put at her sight for motivational purposes.

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