Sunday, June 1, 2008

Marrige Anniversary

Dear Family Blogger

Firstly, I would like to pray to Allah SWT for giving me an opportunity and my lovely wife to celebrate this year anniversary. My lovely son, Zoey keep reminding me about this important date of today and keep asking me where shall us celebrate the anneversary. Well, since I short of manpower at office KL, short holiday as planning has to be differed to another date.

Yesterday, we have back to Muar, Johore for Abang Budin wedding reception. After "Makan kenduri and hug & kiss, we have to say good bye to all of them and hope we could meet up again at another forum.

For Abang Daud, we call him Bak sometime, we love you and family and hope with your mother demise, you have to be more strong and accepting the reality of life that the main nucleus in family was gone to meet ALLAH SWT and death is a new chapter for new destiny after death. We have to keep the reality of life, once the nucles is in existence, a family member thus not as intact as before and have to look after thier own family and of all of them has a family to look after.

For all family members, around at Muar, yesterday, thank you for short happy and memorable moment that we got together. Assalamualikum.

I love you Azian

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Fieda said...

Happy Anniversary to Pak MAn & Cik Yan...