Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Journey Back To Home Land

The Chicken Rice from Chicken Rice Shop is served in the Aeroline

3 days was past very quickly. We have visited and look every corner of Singapore. From Harbour Water Front to Saranggon and to Mandai Road till Jurong and not forgotten the Orchard Road and Bugis Street. We have opportunity to look Singapore closely from porch area till residential area..then what we could sum up:-

1. Public transport in Singapore is well planned, functioning and well organized;

2. Taxi is the cheapest mode to move in Singapore if you travel more then 3 persons.

3. A taxi driver is very reliable, courteous and real.

4. Singapore is very expensive country, the good is 40% expensive then KL;

5. Shopping Centre in Singapore is quite back behind then Kl. We have more family friendly and spacious shopping complex and latest trend KL is far ahead.

6. Singapore is very clean, in Malaysia specially KL, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam nearly close to them.

7. Singapore MRT and Malaysia LRT almost match;

8. Many people in Singapore is feeling the pinch of economic contraction and and Malaysia economy more diversify and strong;
9. Singapore is a country once you visited you not tend to come back again.

10. Malaysia is more promising country and no doubt in one day we will a head then them.


Nur A.MD said...

Sound very fun trip, hope got chance to go there also...

Azman & Azian & Zoey & Ryan said...

when we could go cheng mai chik Kin

Nur A.MD said...

am checking the cheapest possible air fare to chiang mai anytime...

Anonymous said...


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