Thursday, June 4, 2009

When the best time to excercise..Morning Or Afternoon ?

The best time to excercise is in the MORNING then in Afternoon.
I read Kevin Zahari's Book- Fitness 24/7 - The best time to jog/excercise is in the morning. At night the body burns glycogen and when you wake up, the level is very low. When we start running our body force to tap into energy reserves-FAT since nothing left to burn.
Our body have 2 sources of energy:-
1. Glycogen [instant energy source -is like you have cash money];
2. Fat [stored energy] - is like fix deposit;
so before tapping into fat our body will use Glycogen stored in the muscle and liver. As long as our body have Glycogen available, our body won't ever bother tapping fat reserves, as it take more time and effort to metabolise fat and convert it useable energy.
Therefore, avoid Glycogen [carbohydrate] before run and avoid consuming all sources of carbo for about 3-4 hrs ahead; or and
prolong trainning more than 20 minutes...

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