Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Last Day in Singapore

We stop at Harbour Water Front and Vivo City before move to Bugis Street and Bras Basah to get books for Zoey.....

Food..not a problem...KFC and Burger Kings is halal

Ryan is quite around made us head ache sometime..he is dam active..

Chill at KFC Vivo City

Harbour Water Front

Packing and playing..

Packing...and instant noodle of course

After a long and whole day associated our selves with animals and now is the time to pack and go back to Malaysia...we have really fun time in around and everu 4 corners of Singapore by public transport. We came by double decker bus..went around by bus, taxi, MRT, LRT and public trnasport is first class...we hope one day Malaysia public transport could match what Singpore at this moment.

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